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Bounce is the spontaneous way to meet cool people. No endless messaging, swiping or scheduling.
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The best app for when you’re tired of watching Netflix alone with your dogs
- Denine, Bounce Member
How Bounce Works
Check in
Bounce is live at specific times. When you want to go on a date, check in to Bounce and select where you'd like to go out.
View other members in real time. You each have a minute to decide whether you want to meet. If you both say yes, we'll pick a spot for you to meet.
Show up to the spot for your date. Have fun!
People Love Bounce
Truth be told, it's probably the most fun and most revolutionary way to hold yourself accountable to online dating... It completely removes flaking and incessant rescheduling efforts from the equation.
Overall, I love the fact if I match with someone I'm going to meet them. That's been such a relief. And a curated spot takes another pressure off, leaving the date open for a good chat and new experience. I've been raving to my friends about it.
The best app for when you’re tired of watching Netflix alone with your dogs. First date was a hit and Bounce recommended a great place.
Bounce is great because not only do you go on to the app and get set up with a date the same night, you also know that you are going to meet someone that is confident & spontaneous.
We Pick the Place
Bounce sets you up at great first date spots around your city. Not only are you meeting a cool new person, you'll also get to check out a cool new spot.
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Date when I want to (a poem)
Some days I'm feeling myself;
I look good, feel good and want to meet someone new.

Some days I spent 14 hours in the office;
Eating orange chicken and watching Schitt's Creek is all I'd like to do.

We feel you.
We made Bounce for you.