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Dating apps are the new voyeurism. Are you a peeping Tom?
When did dating apps become about anything but dating?

The guy you’re dating ghosts you. You feel sad + rejected. You open your Hinge to swipe through the hundreds of dudes waiting in line. You match with 30 guys. You feel external validation. Yay! Vote of confidence. You are attractive and capable. You ignore all of your matches and go back to your life.


You open your Bumble to a new message from a cute girl. You chat chat chat chat. Omgsssss she’s into you. She asks you to get drinks. You never answer. You open your next match + chat, chat, chat. Match, rinse, repeat.


You’re bored at work. Your boss is on a conference call. You open Tinder just to see who’s out there. Helllllllllo Chad from the East Village. You’re cute but I’m never actually going to try to meet you.


Sound familiar? If so, I’m so sorry to tell you but you may be a dating app VOYEUR (read: you take pleasure in watching, scrolling, swiping, looking -- not doing).


But don’t worry. You’re not alone. Chances are if you’re like many millennials, the superfluousness of dating apps has totally desensitized you to what they’re actually supposed to be used for: DATING.


Dating apps have claimed to enter our tech-filled lives to help us meet people. “changed the way people date, find friends, and the perception of meeting online, for the better;” “A community of people looking for real connections.” “a private & free online dating app for singles looking for real relationships.” -- these apps make big promises, but often fail to deliver.


There’s no accountability. You can swipe your heart out, searching for the perfect bearded-but-not-unruly man who also likes Flight of the Concords and happens to ALSO only like the red M&Ms because I don’t CARE what they say but they do taste differently than the other colors.


You can also match with 20 hot girls just to boost your confidence and return to the regularly scheduled programming of your day, never with any intention to meet these interesting women.


We are a culture of dating app voyeurs -- our kink is profiles of quirky bios + and cute selfies. But why do we use these apps if we don’t want to actually go on a damn date?


If you’re tired of having 100 [insert name here] from Tinder saved in your contacts who you’ve never actually met up with, we built Bounce for you.


We are the non-voyeurs. We have no time to waste. Want to use our app for an ego boost? Nah, sorry. No endless swiping here. We discourage overthinking and encourage saying "why the F not?" 


Match + go on an actual date. If other apps are voyeurism, Bounce is exhibitionism. Give extra AF a try for once.


Dating apps are the new voyeurism. Are you a peeping Tom?
When did dating apps become about anything but dating?
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