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We Met on Bounce: Volume 1
"That date almost feels like something the universe brought to me to say 'hey girl, sorry about all of that [other stuff.] Here's something good. Good luck!" Does that make sense? I love the guy."

We chatted with Sarah, an OG Bounce member who went for it, and actually found someone dope. Check out what she has to say about dating, Bouncing, puzzles and more. 


How did you hear about Bounce? Why did you try it?

I heard about Bounce from my friend Lily. I had spent roughly the past year being "consciously single" (as my therapist calls it), partially because I've spent most of my adult life in pretty unhealthy relationships, and I really wanted to actually be ready to date this time around. I've heard people use the puzzle analogy, that you want to be a full puzzle when you come to the table, not half a puzzle looking for pieces to complete it. I'm also bad at puzzles so maybe I should make this a cake analogy.


What was your first Bounce experience like? Was your now-partner your first Bounce date? What about his profile made you say yes?

My first Bounce was not with my now-boyfriend, and it was BAD. Bad to the point where I called Lily, my friend who was ALSO on a Bounce date down the street, and told her I was getting in a cab and coming to get her because we were going out. We ended up having a crazy fun girls night, but wow that was a bad date. It literally could have only gone up from there, so I decided to try it again.

Louis was my second date and it could not have gone better. I said yes to his profile, and he's going to be pissed at me for saying this because he doesn't really know what to do with compliments, but he has the best eyes ever. It's like they're looking into your soul. I matched with him, Lily matched with another guy (we did Bounce together if that's not coming across), had a quick glass of wine on my roof and then left for our dates! I wore these new rainbow pants, a white top, and a ton of highlighter so I came in feeling pretty fabulous.


Where was your first date with your partner?

We met at the Folly, a bar ya'll recommended, but we ended up staying out until super late, hopping to a few places around West Village. My face was sore the next day from laughing and smiling. I'm from the south and he's from New York, so I may have introduced him to the pickle back that evening (I promise we aren't constantly doing shots, but I mean, summer 2018 was crazy time in NYC).


After how many dates did it become "official"?

He invited me to spend some of the weekends during the summer with him and his friends at the beach. I didn't really know how big of a deal that was going in, but once I got there everyone was pulling me aside telling me he'd never brought a girl around them etc. I also have absolutely no chill when it comes to things I want, so I literally pulled him aside a few weeks later and asked him if he felt the same way I did (luckily, he said yes) and we became "official" soon after that.



What TV relationship best describes yours?

Is there a TV relationship where the couple walks around New York on Saturday in sweatpants and makes jokes all day long?


What's the best dating advice you've ever received?

Stop being so afraid. Like, literally, stop. Everyone is messed up, no one knows really what they're doing, and being yourself is the only way to cut through the BS when it comes to dating, and really in life in general. I would rather air on the side of being too open and transparent than pretend to be someone I'm not. I've spent so much of my life trying to fit into the mold of what the people I cared about wanted from me, and that's not a way to make a life for yourself.


What's your favorite thing about your partner?

I have a hard time celebrating myself and really being present in what's actually happening in front of me. For example, something I've been working towards for YEARS came to fruition yesterday. Louis was the first person I called, but by the time he picked up I was already worried about what could go wrong (let us refer back to the question before, I need to take my own advice, come on Sarah). He has this way of looking at me and getting me to really sit in what's going on. He encourages me to celebrate my wins, and pushes me when I'm scared to go further. He honestly motivates me to be better, which is something I've never had in a partner before.



Anything else you'd like to tell us?

I did and continue to do a lot of work on myself to be the best person and partner I can be, but Louis could not be more of what I wanted. I am cringing while I write this because being emotionally vulnerable is hella uncomfortable, but he's my guy and my partner. I had a fairly rocky upbringing and young adulthood, and Louis doesn't know I feel this way about us meeting, but that date almost feels like something the universe brought to me to say "hey girl, sorry about all of that. Here's something good. Good luck!" Does that make sense? I love the guy.


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